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 user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul

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YmC User Abuse Manager
YmC User Abuse Manager

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PostSubject: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:43 am

a few moments..
in the beggining i was beging them not to atack creeps but : [02:50] CheRbROs (Allies): push edw
[03:04] zZzZz- (Allies): reeee
[03:10] zZzZz- (Allies): re gamw
[03:21] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): skase ksupna
[03:21] zZzZz- (Allies): reeee
[03:22] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): kai min milas
[03:29] CheRbROs (Allies): xupna re
[03:29] zZzZz- (Allies): mhn varate
[03:42] zZzZz- (Allies): gamw
[03:46] zZzZz- (Allies): allo ena kai paw alt qq
[03:47] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): EFOU
[03:49] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): DN TA PRNIS
[04:00] zZzZz- (Allies): re gamw
[04:08] zZzZz- (Allies): pull kante
[04:21] zZzZz- (Allies): reeee
[04:23] zZzZz- (Allies): gaw
[04:35] zZzZz- (Allies): ti kaneis??
[04:46] CheRbROs (Allies): re
[04:50] CheRbROs (Allies): ti kanete??
[04:55] zZzZz- (Allies): skase den exei idea
[05:06] zZzZz- (All): kala na patheis pou pushareis to lane

they take the fb because we pushed the lane

also [05:51] zZzZz- (Allies): den exeis
[05:53] zZzZz- (Allies): idea
[05:56] CheRbROs (Allies): re lion stun
[05:59] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): boulwseto gamw ton anti8eo s
[06:02] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): boulwseto

also zZzZz- (Allies): kanton ban
[08:25] 302_lele (Allies): re min milaei kanenas
[08:32] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): mort
[08:34] zZzZz- (Allies): ela
[08:34] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): boulwseto
[08:35] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): ainte

also he was trolling al the time and he didn;t let me farm : [18:46] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): 8a er8is
[18:48] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): se fight
[18:49] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): h 8a xasoume
[18:49] zZzZz- (Allies): oxi?
[18:50] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): re zwo
[18:51] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): gamw
[18:56] soundreamer (Allies): xalarwste
[19:04] zZzZz- (Allies): koita
[19:09] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): ama ksanalupoi
[19:10] zZzZz- (Allies): akoma den sou exw mhlhsei asxhma

also : [27:03] zZzZz- (Allies): give
[27:05] zZzZz- (Allies): na sou pw
[27:23] zZzZz- (Allies): file eisai removed shitadded kai ip banned
[27:46] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): nai?
[27:51] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): kai gia pio logo ola auta?
[27:52] zZzZz- (Allies): fusika
[27:57] soundreamer (Allies): re malakes den xriazetai na tsakonestai ena game einai
[27:58] zZzZz- (Allies): giati mporw
[28:03] soundreamer (Allies): apla na mathoume paizoume
[28:04] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): sopa re magka
[28:06] zZzZz- (Allies): y
[28:06] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): mporis kiola
[28:09] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): arxidi
[28:11] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): e arxidi
[28:14] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): dn pas na kaneis oti 8es
[28:15] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): sta @@ m
[28:21] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): katse liwse oloi mera sto pc
[28:27] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): na stazi h karekla lupos
[28:28] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): zwo
[28:34] zZzZz- (Allies): xa0a0a
[28:42] zZzZz- (Allies): tha sou steilw photo
[28:48] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): nai
[28:49] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): kserw
[29:20] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): 8a sou stilo mia phto tou chuck norris
[29:22] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): kai 8a se pw
[29:24] G1V3_M3_Ur_SouL (Allies): autos eimai
[29:31] zZzZz- (Allies): mpa

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PostSubject: Re: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:13 pm

Not the best attitude for an admin !
On the other hand , Admin zZzZz- SHOULD HAVE MUTED him,it looks like he wanted to make him swear.
Give_me_your_soul should be punished.
AN ADMIN should be the example for others.
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YmC User Abuse Manager
YmC User Abuse Manager

Posts : 236
Reputation : 349
Reputation : 13
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PostSubject: Re: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:17 pm

I couldn't mute him because it was a private game and i was not the owner. Also ,as you know, or not, in ymc-hb-01/04 there are no admins, only host..

Also i said admin CHERBROS to mute but he didn't listen to me..
What i want is some other staff to check it because it is not right to accept the report myself..

FOR ADMINS: 1.14 Extreme Cases

These general rules will apply to all games hosted in Clan YmC bots but we do recognize that there are extreme and special situations where we will approach each incident by a case by case basis, always following, however, the Clan YmC general principles.

Note for inhouse bots:When a staff member is in the game, the game creator has to follow any order of the staff member, without carrying any responisbility for his actions.

Note for eleos-allstars bots:: When a staff member is in a game along with other admins, and undertakes the management of the situation, the rest of the admins must respect the staff member's actions, and do not carry any responsibility for them.

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PostSubject: Re: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:47 am

Well... there are three users arguing! Staff member zZzZz- Admin cherbros and user g1v3_m3_ur_soul!

User zZzZz- unaffectively tried to give some advice on how to play so as not his team lose the game! He persuaded users not to farm in triple lane so as he can farm and have a good game! Although user g1v3_m3_ur soul haven't heard him and failed the lane. As a result : bad language, inappropriate gaming atmosphere and an unexplainable ignoring by the host-admin!

As time went by accused user started arguing and using bad language. ZzZzZ- persuaded the admin cherbros to mute him and he didn't! decision...

User g1v3_m3_ur_soul banned for bad manners
Admin Cherbros will receive a LVL1 WARN because he ignored staff member's commands

I hope it will not happen again...

User Abuse Solved


Remember!!!! The higher your posts' count is, the bigger your penis is!
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Project Head Admin
Project Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:34 am

Ok i open the thread again to announce you a rule that i have discuss with pro)gm2.
LEVEL 1 WARN : Timeban user for 600 minutes.
LEVEL 2 WARN : Timeban user for 1400 minutes.
LEVEL 3 WARN : Timeban user for 3000 Minutes And Deladmin is he/she is Host or Admin
All staff have the authority to do this.The system will be work much better Thank you.
Please the timeban must be like this :
.Timeban 1400 Level 1 Warn Manners.
Thank you.


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PostSubject: Re: user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul   

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user abuse g1v3_m3_ur_soul
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