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 User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina

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User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina Empty
PostSubject: User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina   User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 7:02 am

Accused Battle.Net account:Gamw_Tin_Alina

Your Battle.Net account:denpezwmeauton

Game Name:*

Bot Name:YmC-HB-03

Offence of Admin:*

Time of event:All time

Further details:Loipon,to palikari me rotise sto channel poios einai admin tou apantisa k mou eipe na mas stilei ena replay na doume.egw ekatsa k to eida to replay.
1)o filos tou mariou tou admin vrizei manes kai alla polla.
2)o marios kanei mute sinexia ton denpezomeauton
3)o marios vrizei panagies k spitia.
4)einai kai alla p mporite na deite k na krinoun autoi p prepei.
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Project Head Admin
Project Head Admin

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User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina Empty
PostSubject: Re: User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina   User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 7:27 am

(23:17) Gamw_Tin_Alina: gamw to spith s
(35:11) Gamw_Tin_Alina: sks mins e gamiso
(39:05) Gamw_Tin_Alina: gma wto sptih s
(41:57) Gamw_Tin_Alina: e traveli
(42:05) Gamw_Tin_Alina: kai esu eisai gia omonia
(42:09) Gamw_Tin_Alina: na ginis traveli
(43:35) Gamw_Tin_Alina: e tin mana s

The User Gamw_Tin_Alina punished with BAN for manners.
Abuse Solved.
Topic Closed.
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User Abuse Gamw_Tin_Alina
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