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 Apply for Drunktim

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PostSubject: Apply for Drunktim   Apply for Drunktim EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 9:33 am

Personal Info;
Name: DRUNKtim

Age: 20

Country: Germany

Spoken languages: English; German; Spanish

Experience, playtimes and general info;
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DRUNKtim

Games: at ymc-bot 44 32/9 (W/L)

Former experience and/or safelisted channels: Played at IhL. VipL.

Your activity and average playtime each week: about 20 hours.

Which time of the day you usually play: afternoon till midnight.

How long you have been playing DotA: about 6o7 years.

Your ability to communicate with others: Facebook; Skype

Your ability to communicate with others: Yes

How do you react/behave when you're under pressure? Doing a short break. Deep Breath and go ahead with clear thoughts!

Do you have any problems in listening/following your superior's orders? (according to ranks): No

Final Thoughts;
Why do you want to be a warden:
I want to take the rules of league to the game. If some people wanna play together u can switch them together. I wanna help to improve the gameplay of ymc-league. And because i think the admins are doing a great job and i want to suport them.

Why should we pick you and what can you offer to us:
I am a reliable person with alot bnet-experiences. I am a good referee and first taking a look at the rules instead of doing something i get told. I am fair in decissions and admit my mistakes and correct them if necesary. Furthermore i can help the admins to solve problems.

- Personality profile:
20 year old guy at 12th grade finishing the school of higher education. In my sparetime i like to play volleyball and dota. Its kinda the same cause both are teamsports. I am absolutly a teamplayer and if necessary i can take my requierments to the back if its good for the team. My weak point is that my oppinion is based on rules so if i am asked i first look at rules and sometimes it overrides my own thoughts.

- Dota-career: I started to play with my brother and his friends. Then we built up a clan and joined dl. After they finished school they stopped playing dota and from then i was joining diffrent clans where for example i met player like sogovegeta or babyknight. But the clan i realy learned dota was THEtims where DARKtim teached me how to play gave me all my mapawarness.

- Your specialities: Tbh. Its my first forum i want to be admin. I dont have alot of experiences but if i am interested in something i am learning realy fast and my work is always a good job. Further more i think this is a great work done and i would be glad if i can help and support this league by spending my time for it.

yours sincerly


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Apply for Drunktim Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apply for Drunktim   Apply for Drunktim EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 9:36 am

Well read this :
And this :
Read Carefully.
Accepted Closed


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Apply for Drunktim
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