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PostSubject: Re: BAN REQUEST (FORM)   Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:08 am

You have to follow a certain template in order to report someone and to make the job easier for the staff members :

1. Name of the request

Ban Request [Player Name(s)] [Reason(s)]
Ban Request Loda-LICIOUS Gameruining / Flaming

2. Content of the request

I. Who do you report? (again)
II. For what do you report? (e.g. Gameruin, Flaming, Votekick-Abuse, Maphack, Afking, Plugging, Item-Stealing, ...); Also add what he did here. (e.g. Destroying items, suiciding in tower...)
III. When did the incident happen? (e.g. 15:00 of gametime/replaytime / after the creeps spawn, ...)

3. Replay

Use the Analyzer to upload the replay and paste the link of it into the report. If you don't know how to use the analyzer, please read this. We won't accept replays posted from any other source.

Edit: I took the liberty of writing the correct analyzer link. You can also use adotaparser if the analyzer doesn't work.
Regards YmCStaff


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