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 Unban request Snoop_Dogg

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Unban request Snoop_Dogg Empty
PostSubject: Unban request Snoop_Dogg   Unban request Snoop_Dogg EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 1:09 pm

Well i got kicked because of user abuse...the fact is that i got forced to accept the vote against my a whisper and shit..i think u understand..

Battlenet Account : Snoop_Dogg
i dont know any other infos about who banned me and what happened..
i Hope u accept my request cause i loved Ymc games...Thanks in advance
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Unban request Snoop_Dogg Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unban request Snoop_Dogg   Unban request Snoop_Dogg EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 1:24 pm

The use of the !votekick command is allowed by any player only in the above cases for the !kick command as well as in cases of extreme noobplay if agreed upon by all the players in the game.
Any other usage of this command as well as participating in a votekick (using !yes) is bannable. The game admin should abort any such use of the votekick command using !votecancel.
Also, he has to explain to the other players that the use of !votekick is bannable, and in case of persistant !votekick, the admin must ban the player who used it.
If in the end !votekick is passed and the player is kicked, he must NOT be banned.

Next time if dont have replay at least 5days ban.
Post Accepted.
Post Closed.
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Unban request Snoop_Dogg
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