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PostSubject: unbanrequest   unbanrequest EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 9:47 am


I'm banned by zerominus because i ''left'' a game.
We were playing a 5vs4 match what normally should be a free win. But when hell_licif3r/bathrolomeokum started to feed the game was decided. The ennemy won. No problem so far they did a good job and we didn't so at min 30:27 i asked ''its free to leave?'' 2of my allys say it was.. and so i did. Then after i tryed to join a game i was banned. 5secs after my leave those other guys came in lobby and i asked Zerominus to unban me. He wouldn't and told me to make an unbanrequest so here it is.

The game was decided when i left with 9 / 23 fed ennemy hero's and no towers left

There for i want you to demote Zerominus for his bad behaivor. That game he talked whole game Greek np cause I dont asked him to talk eng but he just should keep talking english cause not his whole team is greek. Aswell after game he told me ''i go to the gym make unbanappeal'' instead of unbaning me 'cause he know i did noving wrong that game. Aswell he cant talk proper english.


Reply: sended to ioli
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PostSubject: Re: unbanrequest   unbanrequest EmptyTue Sep 27, 2011 10:22 am

I checked his replay !!!Never leave our games again...
Unban Request Accepted.
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