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 Unban request: MrLovaLova

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PostSubject: Unban request: MrLovaLova   Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:13 pm

Bnet Account: MrLovaLova
Game name: AP647 <--- not sure
Hostbot: YmC-HB-02
Admin issued ban: DJ_TaFeX
Reason: Killstealing

So apparently I got banned on clan ymc bots for stealing a kill of an admin. I'm now unbanned so I could play inhouse match on ymc but would like to make a proper unban request so there is no misunderstanding in the future. I'd also like to tell you how stupid I think it is that you ban your players for stealing kills without warning first. You must understand that different people will have different opinions about which kill belongs to which player and in the end this rule is counter-productive if you start banning your players for this.

Link to replay:
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YmC User Abuse Manager
YmC User Abuse Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Unban request: MrLovaLova   Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:41 am

There is no kill that belongs to anyone..
For exxample if i play morph and my team mate plays wd and he had almost killed an enemy but i suddnenlty come and wave him its not a ks..
I am a carry..


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Unban request: MrLovaLova
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