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 abuse BfmVgreg20 / 79seven

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YmC User Abuse Captain
YmC User Abuse Captain

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PostSubject: abuse BfmVgreg20 / 79seven   Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:27 am

Your B-net nickname:1vs6
Accused User's B-net nickname:BfmVgreg20 / 79seven
Offence of user:2leaves(teamates)leave in same second...because feeding(0/4 1/5)
Game name:AP362
Time of Event:11:08

Further details:
11:04 [All] Kala_Na_Patheis (Traxex): BfmVgreg20 has left the game voluntarily.
11:04 BfmVgreg20 (Gondar) (0-4) has left the game.
11:08 [All] Kala_Na_Patheis (Traxex): 79seven has left the game voluntarily.
11:08 79seven (Tinker) (1-5) has left the game.

Upload replay/screen shot:

An exete oreksi deite ena poly kalo replay!!!

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PostSubject: Re: abuse BfmVgreg20 / 79seven   Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:52 am

Users BfmVgreg20 and 79seven banned for voluntarily leave

User Abuse Accepted


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abuse BfmVgreg20 / 79seven
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